Download WP Rocket Lifetime License V3.8.8 (Review)

Download WP Rocket Lifetime License V3.8.8 (Review)

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Want to boost your website load speed? Then you must use this WP rocket plugin. Download wp rocket lifetime license version 3.8.8

Download WP Rocket Lifetime License V3.8.8 (Review)
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The WP Rocket website page load is going to resolve the lots of speed problems facing by your WordPress site.

Everyone knows how much page speed is valuable for the user, conversion dynamics and SEO. In this way, you need to make the speed of WordPress site better and faster than before. Although the technicalities are somehow difficult to set in WordPress and usually people do not bother it.

WP Rocket is the finest plugin for WordPress. This user-friendly plugin will be providing you with the simpler tools to optimize the WordPress performance and speed the site up in a nice manner.

Well, this WP Rocket website page loads the WordPress site the super-fast.

WP Rocket Website Page Load – Let the Facts Out

Before going into any discussion about the features let’s have a review of how far this plugin goes running the website fast.

Let’s experiment yourself. Use a WordPress site without using any plugin of speed optimization and compare it with after installing WP Rocket in WordPress. You will get to know the difference. It has been estimated that without this plugin loading time is 2.20 seconds that is not bad.

But what if you get less loading time. Surely everyone looks for the best and here on WP Rocket website page load, you will get the top-notch plugin to optimize the speed.

After installing and configuring WP Rocket in WordPress, the loading time will drop to 1.29 seconds. This reveals how impactful this plugin is. The pages of the WordPress site will be loading quickly than before and that is great for your target to be achieved by this site.

Download WP Rocket Lifetime License page speed

How WP Rocket Makes WordPress Better

After getting in touch with WP Rocket website page load, it is the time to dig into the features that enable this plugin to work. The most surprising thing about WP Rocket is that it is very simple and easy to use for the beginners even along with its inscrutable performance to enhance the speed of the site.

Just after installing and activating the plugin, the key configurations become enable automatically. Thus, without doing any advanced settings you will get faster WordPress loading pages soon after activating the WP Rocket.

Some features that are activated by WP Rocket include browser caching, page caching, and few others. Moreover, the other plugins, hosting, themes all are automatically detected by WP Rocket and hence it configures accordingly.

For instance, in a WooCommerce store, the checkout and cart pages will be detected by WP Rocket and exclude from the caching without causing any problem.

In this way a through a user-friendly dashboard of WP Rocket, performance optimization can be configured and observe the function of caching as well.

Configure in WP Rocket Dashboard

 1. Cache Settings

In this setting, you will find how WP Rocket enabling your WordPress site work faster by customizing the settings. You can set the separate cache for the mobile visitors. For this purpose, enable the caching on the dashboard specifically for mobile visitors. This plugin will assure you that the mobile visitors are getting the specified version

Next is caching logged in users of WordPress that is your choice to enable it or not. However, the site will be speeded up for the visitors in case of allowing public registration.

2. File Optimization

The File Optimization tab helps you implement three key performance tweaks for your site’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files:

Through WP Rocket file optimization, three important performance tweaks can be implemented for your site.  Minification will shrink the code files by reducing the wasted space without affecting any function. Concatenation will combine the files into one and drop the HTTP requests. Then optimized loading will be done through optimization of CSS delivery.

In addition to this, the optimized loading will be done by executing delayed JavaScript loading. Google page speed insight issues can be resolved by WP Rocket plugin.

This WP Rocket plugin also excludes the problematic files. Another optimization done by this plugin is compiling files of Google Fonts.

3. Media Optimization

You can optimize the videos, images and iframe embedded on your site through WP Rocket. Enable the lazy loading option to implement the settings. By enabling this, the visitors scroll down the page meanwhile the content will be loaded on the site. WP Rocket speeds up the loading time of the perceived page of the site Just because the server has to load minimal content on the very initial page.

Furthermore, this plugin will show up the static image in place of embedded a YouTube video. So, embed will be loaded after the visitors click on a static image. Thus, the WP Rocket website page load has revealed how does this plugin work so well in speed optimization.

4. Database Optimization

The folder for your WordPress account is where all your content and settings are stored. You want it to be clean as possible so that all that data can be accessed easily by your server when required. By cleaning the “gunk” from your database, the Database tab lets you make that Possible.  I mean stuff such as trashed messages, spam comments, etc., with “gunk”.

One of the good things here is that you can also schedule this cleaning for hands-off optimization to run automatically.

5. CDN Integration

By serving your content from a network of servers around the world, a content delivery

network (CDN) lets you speed up your global page load times.

WP Rocket does not have its CDN, but it will allow you to integrate with your CDN service of choice. Most CDN services work by serving definite static content – like your images – from a different URL. For example, instead of

The CDN tab of WP Rocket website page load lets you monitor which content is served from the CDN and which content is served from the server of your website if you are using a CDN. Select what type of files to apply the CDN to – all files, images, CSS AND JavaScript, just CSS, just JavaScript. Do not allow unique files to be served via the CDN. Stackpath is a good choice if you’re looking for a CDN service to use with WP Rocket.

6. Heartbeat Control

The WordPress Heartbeat API keeps what’s happening through a constant “heartbeat” in your

browser linked to your server. It is responsible for a lot of useful features, such as autosave draughts that prevent you from losing your job. It also sends a lot of requests to your server, however, because it’s still on and “beating”, which can result in high CPU consumption and impaired server performance. For this, a lot of people like to moreover: Totally disable the Heartbeat API. Adjust how many requests are sent by the API, to limit the effect while still enjoying the benefits.

7. Built-in add-ons

As a final point, WP Rocket’s built-in integrations to many Add-ons tab houses.

WP Rocket contains integrations for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel that deals you host those tracking scripts close by the click of a button of Google Analytics integration.

WP Rocket website page load also take in other built-in add-ons for Varnish, Cloudflare, Sucuri. For instance, if you permit the Cloudflare integration, you’ll get a new Cloudflare area where you can attach your site to Cloudflare and control some elementary settings right from your WordPress dashboard. You’ll also be clever to clear the Cloudflare cache.

8. Hosting Integrations

Outside the integration add-ons, WP Rocket website page load has also shaped integrations for several generals accomplished WordPress hosting workers, together with WP Engine, Kinsta, and SiteGround.

Numerous managed WordPress hosts ban caching plugins for caching plugins interfere with achieved WordPress hosts’ server-level caching.

On the other hand, because of the built-in integrations, you shall use WP Rocket with many of the common managed WordPress hosting providers, which is relatively unique.


WP Rocket is one of the suitable user-friendly methods that speed up your site. You can also use free performance plugins out to make your WordPress site load quicker.

Though, they frequently offer a piecemeal approach for minification and lazy loading, etc. This makes it more difficult and harder to sustain.

WP Rocket is unique as it combines all performance by a user-friendly dashboard. Everything is now constructed to work together to update one plugin in the future.

Consequently, paying for time, convenience and simplicity are useless. I think it is better to spend a small amount for WP Rocket page load.

So, no need to wait to get fast loading WordPress just by activating WP Rocket, a website page loading plugin.

Order or download WP rocket plugin

No doubt to use WP rocket plugin to skyrocket your WordPress site page load. Order WP Rocket or you can download wp rocket plugin v3.8.8 from the link above. That’s a lifetime license.



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Download WP Rocket Lifetime License V3.8.8 (Review)

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